Please Don't Say My Name
The story of Burmese refugees living in Malaysia by Karen Zusman.

PLEASE DON’T SAY MY NAME is a one-hour radio documentary that centers around a small group of Burmese refugees that work together in a restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. They tell the story of what their lives were like in Burma–why they had to flee–and why they are still not safe in Malaysia.

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Tea collaboration with Mayuko Hari.

Natsume is top quality Japanese Matcha. Matcha is a finely powdered Japanese green tea often used in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is from the finest leaves, shade grown and highly potent.

The preparation of matcha starts even before harvest. The leaves are shaded to prevent direct sunlight which slows down growth and brings the leaves to a deep green that is shown due to the increased levels of chlorophyl.



Moore & White
Tea Pig Series #01

Tea cups for the drinking of tea.



a new category: functional fragrance, referring to products whose formulas are designed to effect body and mind in distinct and verifiable ways that are non-toxic and non-damaging to the delicate systems at work inside and around us.



in the works.


Moore & White

in the works.

Moore & White
Tea Series #01
Presidential Black. Highly potent black tea from Rwanda.
ADHtea. Finest Japanese green tea.
Snow White. Select Chinese white tea.

Brand b
new rabbits
  Moore & White
Pig Aroma Diffusers.

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